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Capital Vending ATMs

The Conveinence of Your Own ATM

With Capital Vending, you can take advantage of our full service vending program.  No hassles with this easy revenue generator.

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Business Revenue Generators from CVD

More Money From Your Traffic

Our vending machines are your money machines.  Turn every square inch into revenue generating space.

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Call or use our Request form so we can evaluate your vending needs.
Schedule an appointment for installation with one of our trained representatives. Collect your monthly check. It's that simple with our revenue generators from Capital Vending.
Capital Vending - Full Service ATM Provider & ATM Company

Welcome to Capital Vending.  Since 1988, Capital Vending has been a cornerstone in the vending industry.  From Automatic Teller Machines to entertainment-based equipment, such as sport games and bulk candy machines, we can help your business transform a few square feet of floor space into a revenue-generating investment.

The ATM programs are a cornerstone of our business.  Our ATMs are among the most reliable and convenient in the industry.  Utilizing reliable technology and delivering our dedicated customer service, our program can help your business enjoy the easy and simple profits that come from providing ATM access to your customers.

In addition to ATM service , we offer a wide range of entertainment-based options.  These products appeal to adults and children alike, giving your business even more options for increased cash flow.  Take a tour of our entertainment-based products.  From Crane Machines to Air Hockey Tables to Gumball Machines, we can help your business find a match that will suit your space and increase your bottom line.

Why Choose Capital Vending?

We provide cash for your business!
As a full service company, we also provide service & repairs, cashloads and ATM sales for all makes and models.
We have great rates on maintenance & service contracts...
Our company has been serving the Southeast since 2000.

Request a Quote or give us a call at (256) 766-0010

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